Inflight products
Economy service
A complete selection of disposable and rotable serving items for Economy class, ranging from glasses and cups to waste bags and traymats. Choose from many different materials, shapes and sizes and customize to your requirements.
Premium service
A high quality collection of products for Business class and First class made of fine chinaware, stainless steel, glass and textiles. Choose from a wide range of designs to suit any budget and customize to your specific requirements.
Hygiene & Comfort
An extensive range of items enhance the onboard experience of your passengers, including hot towels, pillows, blankets, amenity kits, airsickness bags, headrest covers, soap, air fresheners, insecticide.
Serving items
A broad range of products to enable your crew to serve your customers efficiently. Coffee and tea cans, pitchers, ice tongs, bread tongs, casserole grippers, bread baskets, ice buckets, champagne coolers, oven gloves.